Drugs Mule Dies In Malaga

Drugs Mule Dies In Malaga

Drugs Mule Dies In Malaga – a plane travelling from Valencia to Tenerife had to make an emergency landing

Drugs Mule Dies In Malaga

A passenger on a plane from Valencia to Tenerife complained of serious abdominal pains, and the aircraft diverted to Malaga to make an emergency landing.  The 30  year old Venezuelan man was rushed to hospital in Malaga where he died.  A balloon of cocaine in his stomach had burst, his death was a result of cocaine poisoning.  He had swallowed 100 balloons of cocaine.


Police tracked down two other men who were travelling with the deceased.  They found them in a hostel in Torremolinos.  They had already passed large quantities of drugs, these were retrieved by police from a rubbish bin.  The men were taken to hospital where more drugs were removed from their bodies.  The two men have been arrested.

In total police have seized 4.1 kilos of cocaine and €3000 from the men.

Written by Dave James 

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Drugs Mule Dies In Malaga

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Drugs Mule Dies In Malaga
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