Charity Pool Tournament

Event: Charity Pool Tournament
Venue: Caribbean Bar Torreblanca
Date: 02/10/21
Entry: 5 euros
Web Link:


Raising money to pay for surgery to restore the sight and hearing of local resident Cameron Dante.  Cameron is a musician who has DJed all over the world, and played in bands including Bizarre Inc who hit the charts in the 90’s with I’m Gonna Get You.  Cameron has been struck with a rare illness called Wegener’s Granulomatosis which has left him blind and deaf.

Surgery to partially restore Cameron’s sight and hearing will cost in the region of 40,000 euros.  The staff at Brad’s Bar have already raised €1000 towards this total, and are continuing their fundraising efforts on the 2nc October with a pool tournament at The Carribean Bar in Torreblanca.

Charity Pool Tournament
Author: GlobalRadio

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