Bad Weather Won’t Stop Santa Tonight

Bad Weather Won’t Stop Santa Tonight.  Sources at the North Pole have said that Santa is an experienced driver and the heavy rain in Spain won’t be a problem for him.

Bad Weather Won't Stop Santa Tonight


Bad Weather Won’t Stop Santa Tonight

The torrential rain which is battering the Costa Del Sol today won’t stop Santa from delivering presents tonight.  A source at the North Pole told us that Santa is an experienced driver, and his sleigh is fitted with the latest traction control technology.  The reindeer are also quite happy flying through the rain with their all-weather winter clothing keeping them warm and dry.

The coronavirus crisis isn’t going to stop Santa! The big man has a natural immunity to covid-19, it’s been revealed he has special Santi-bodies which protect him from the virus.  This means he’ll be delivering presents just as he does every year.  His helpers in Lapland have been extra careful though, wearing their face masks and social distancing.  They’ll all be elf-isolating for the next 14 days as well, just to be safe.

Spanish Air Traffic Control (AENA) have approved Santa’s flight plans which will allow him to fly through Spanish air space tonight.  A spokesperson told 93.6 Global Radio “We have examined the proposed route and are satisfied that it will allow Santa to safely navigate the skies over Spain”.

Where Is Santa Now?

It is now possible to track Santa’s progress in real time thanks to NORAD.  The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) are responsible for monitoring man made objects in space, and tracking missiles and other potential threats to North America.  At this time of year though, they turn their high tech tracking devices to the North Pole and follow Santa’s flight path around the world.

See the NORAD Santa Tracker HERE.

Get An Early Night

Make sure you’re in bed before he reaches the Costa Del Sol or he might not be able to visit you.  Traditionally, Santa likes to land his sleigh on the roof of your house and make his entry through the chimney.  He always appreciates some milk and mince pies (or possibly a tipple of something stronger) which he can share with the reindeer who pull his magical sleigh.

Santa enjoying 93.6 Global Radio

Santa enjoying 93.6 Global Radio

What If I Don’t Have A Chimney?

No chimney? No Problem! Santa is very much the modern man.  He knows that many children here on the Costa Del Sol live in apartments or houses without chimneys.  Santa now carries a magical key which can open any door to make sure that everyone gets their presents in time for Christmas morning.

The only known photograph of Santa's Magic Key

The only known photograph of Santa’s Magic Key

How Many Children Will Santa Visit?

It’s thought that he will visit 1.6 billion children who are on the “good” list this year.  He has to be very fast of course, but because of the different time zones he actually gets 32 hours to deliver presents on Christmas Day.  Santa will have to make 640 million stops on Christmas Eve.

Blink and you'll miss him!

Blink and you’ll miss him!

Mince Pies

Santa loves mince pies.  If everyone he visits gives him a mince pie and milk, he will eat an enormous 150 billion calories on his trip around the world.  No wonder Mrs. Claus puts him on a diet every January!

Wrapping Presents

Santa doesn’t have time to wrap all the presents himself.  He has a team of dedicated Elves who do this for him.  The Elves are expert present wrappers, and can wrap a gift in 10 seconds.  To make sure that every child gets at least two presents, Santa has a team of 3000 Elves who work 8 hours a day for an entire year to get ready for Christmas.

A rare photo of Santa's Elves wrapping presents

A rare photo of Santa’s Elves wrapping presents

Boxing Day

Every year Santa looks forward to a well deserved rest on Boxing Day.  He spends the day with Mrs. Claus, his hard working Elves, and of course the reindeer.

Written by Dave James


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Bad Weather Won’t Stop Santa Tonight
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