Costa Del Sol Stingray Warning

Costa Del Sol Stingray Warning.  Beach users are being warned not to approach stingrays if they come close to the shore.

Costa Del Sol Stingray Warning

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Costa Del Sol Stingray Warning

A potentially dangerous stingray has been spotted at La Malagueta beach on the Costa Del Sol.  The animal was swimming close to the shore, as swimmers tried to touch it and guide it back out to sea.  Marine expert Javier Trillo said that the ray was likely to be disorientated and confused by the swimmers.


Experts are warning beach users to stay away from stingrays if they come close to the shore.   In exceptional circumstances, the sting can be fatal to humans, and is especially dangerous to children.

Written by Dave James

Published: 15.07.2019

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Costa Del Sol Stingray Warning

Costa Del Sol Stingray Warning

Costa Del Sol Stingray Warning
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