Devastating Fire Doubles In Size

Devastating Fire Doubles In Size.  The fire which has been raging on the Costa Del Sol since Wednesday evening now has an 85km perimiter.

Devastating Fire Doubles In Size

Devastating Fire Doubles In Size

Fire fighters continue to battle the devastating blaze on the Costa Del Sol, which has doubled in size in less than a day.  On Saturday the blaze had a 42km perimiter, today the fire has spread out to an 85km perimiter.  The military have been brought in to help with containment and evacuations.  260 troops are working along firefighters.

Estepona Fire Helicopter

41 aircraft along with more than 400 firefighters and 260 military personell continue to fight the fire near Estepona.

2670 People Evacuated

The fire is currently spread across four municipalities near Estepona.  These are Jubrique, Genalguacil, Estepona and Benahavís.  A total of 2670 people have been evacuated from their homes and are now being housed in emergency accomodation.  There has been good news for a thousand evacuees who have been able to return to their homes in the Estepona and Benahavis areas .

Estepona Fire Workers

Military personell are now assisted firefighters.

The weather has played a major part in the spread and ferocity of the fire, with the Terral wind pushing up temperatures and advancing the fire.  It’s hoped that the weather is turning and heavy rain on Monday night could assist firefighters.  There is more rain forecast on Tuesday.

Costa Del Sol Fire Started Deliberately

The huge fire was started deliberately.  Regional President Juanma Moreno expressed determination to catch the arsonists, saying  “They should know that we’re after them. It might take us a month, or tw,o or a year, but we’ll find them.  If they’re listening to this, they won’t sleep well tonight, or tomorrow or, in six months’ time, because we’ll hunt them down and they will be brought to justice”.

Published: 13.09.2021

Written by Dave James


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Devastating Fire Doubles In Size

Devastating Fire Doubles In Size

Devastating Fire Doubles In Size
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