Malaga Airport Passenger Delays Improving

Malaga Airport Passenger Delays Improving – the airport has taken on additional staff at check in and passport control to tackle lengthy queues which caused many Brits to miss flights back to the UK this week

Malaga Airport Passenger Delays Improving

Severe delays have been reported at Malaga airport airport this week by travellers heading to the UK.  These have been caused by additional security checks for anyone travelling outside the area of the “Schlengen Agreement” which includes the UK and Ireland.  New regulations were implemented in March this year, though the impact hasn’t been felt until the peak travel period arrived.

Malaga Airport Today

“Monster queues” reported at Malaga airport this week for those at check in and passing through security are now easing.  Traveller Jeremy Durrant has been making his way through the airport today on his way to catch a flight to Essex.  Jeremy says that extra staff have helped speed things up and despite the large number of people in the airport, it only took him 35 minutes from entering the airport to arriving at his gate.

Click the video to listen to Jeremy speaking from the airport.

Monster Queues

Earlier in the week the Dunne family were travelling from Malaga to Dublin and report “monster queues”.  Despite arriving at the airport 3 hours before their scheduled departure time, the family were unable to make it through security in time and missed their flight home.


Alex Jeffries missed his Ryanair flight home on Wednesday because of the delays passing through security.  He said “We’d heard about the long queues and were advised by the lady at our hotel in Benalmadena to leave extra time.  We got to the airport four hours early, but it wasn’t enough.  The queues were just massive, by the time we made it through our gate had closed and we missed our fight.  We had to stay in a hotel overnight and book new flights, which has cost almost a thousand pounds”

Your Rights If You Miss Your Flight

Under current regulations, if you miss your flight because of queues in Malaga airport, you are not entitled to any form of compensation.  The airlines are saying that they make it very clear it is your responsibility to allow enough time to check in and reach the departure gate, regardless of circumstances in the airport.

Published: 04.08.2017

Written by Dave James

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Malaga Airport Passenger Delays Improving
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