Malaga Airport Strikes Postponed

Malaga Airport Strikes Postponed after meeting between union leaders and the bosses at Aena

Malaga Airport Strikes Postponed

Malaga Airport Strikes Postponed

25 days of planned strike action at Malaga airport has now been postponed.  Workers in most departments at Malaga Airport were planning to strike. These include baggage handlers, security, fire fighters, electricians, shop workers, and car park staff.  The union is seeking an 8% payrise, and an extra 700 staff to ease staffing issues at airports across Spain.

Union bosses have met with Julio Gomez-Pomar, who is the Julio Gomez-Pomar.  They say that he understands and is sympathetic to their point of view.  They have postponed the strike action to allow more time for the negotiations, with the next meeting planned for the 7th of September.

You can see the proposed strike dates in this article.

Published: 01.09.2017

Written by Dave James

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Malaga Airport Strikes Postponed
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