New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules

New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules mean only one piece of luggage can be taken into the cabin

New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules

New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules

Ryanair have announced that passengers will longer be allowed to bring two small items of hand luggage onto a plane.  The airline said that it would be enforcing this new rule from the 1st November 2017, because flights were suffering from a lack of overhead locker space.

Hand Baggage Dimensions

From the 1st of November only bags with maximum dimensions of 35cm x 20cm x 20cm will be allowed into the cabin.  Hand luggage cases with wheels will be checked into the hold, though this will be done at the boarding gate and will be free of charge.  Only customers who have upgraded to Priority will be able to keep the bags with them.

Ryanair Losses

Ryanair claim that these new rules will cost them in the region of €50 million a year, in lost charges from checked baggage.  Kenny Jacobs from Ryanair said that these changes should reduce delays caused by insufficient baggage space in cabins, as customers were carrying two bags each.

Passenger Reactions

Tina Larkin arrived at Malaga airport this morning with her family.  She says that these new rules are unfair to women.  “I would always have a handbag with me, and my small suitcase.  My husband does not carry a handbag with him.  Therefore, I would have to check my hand luggage into the hold and he would not.  This is just sexist profiteering.”

Tim Broadberry from Manchester told us that “it’s not about the cost of checking baggage into the hold, it’s the inconvenience of waiting at baggage reclaim and hoping that your bags have been put onto the same flight as you”.

Published: 06.09.2017

Written by Dave James

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New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules

New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules

New Ryanair Hand Luggage Rules
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