No New Restrictions For Andalucia

No New Restrictions For Andalucia. The regional government met today and decided not to introduce any new coronavirus restrictions.

No New Restrictions For Andalucia

No New Restrictions For Andalucia

Andalucia’s regional government met with a panel of health experts today and discussed the current coronavirus restrictions and situation.  It’s been decided that no new measures will be introduced, and the region will proceed with the current rules remaining in place.  The Junta will seek permission from the region’s top court to extend the use of “covid passports” in hospitality venues until the end of January.

Current rules require facemasks to be worn both inside and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.  A “covid passport” is needed to enter restaurants, bars, and nightclubs throughout Andalucia.

Published: 03.01.2021

Written by Dave James


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No New Restrictions For Andalucia
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