Charity Gala Dinner

Event: Beads of Hope Charity Gala Dinner
Venue: Westin Hotel, La Quinta
Date: 09/06/23
Entry: 125 euros

Description: Aloha College Marbella a themed charity gala ball. The theme is ‘The Beads of Hope’ at the Westin Hotel, La Quinta  The evening will have live entertainment by a world class pianist, and an auction and raffle with fabulous prizes.

The charity gala ball is fundraising to sponsor the staff and students’ outreach project to Uganda for July 2023. Thirty members of the school community, including teachers and staff, will be carrying out humanitarian and educational work amidst the poorest communities in Kampala and on the island of Buyiga, Uganda. There are a number of planned actions to carry out during visit, including school improvements, sharing pedagogical approaches with educational institutions, installing and resourcing a library with basic technological equipment as well as delivering aid and basic supplies to areas most in need.

Charity Gala Dinner
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