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The Costa Del Sol will be moving into phase three of the lockdown lifting plan on Monday.

Final Lockdown Extension Approved
Spain’s parliament has approved another two week extension to the state of alarm.
Costa Del Sol Ferias Cancelled
All of the popular feria events this summer on the Costa Del Sol are being cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.
No New Coronavirus Deaths In Spain
For the first time in three months Spain has not registered any coronavirus deaths.


Costa del Sol News

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For the first time in three months Spain has not registered any coronavirus deaths.
The Costa Del Sol will enter phase 2 of the lockdown lifting scheduled on Monday.
Andalucia has recorded only 5 deaths from coronavirus in a 24 hour period.
Optimism as figures for new infection in Spain are below 500 a day.
The earliest that the region will move out of phase one is Monday 1st June.
Temperatures are expected to soar this weekend as a yellow weather warning is issued for heat in Sevilla.
From Thursday 21st May it will be compulsory to wear a face mask in public in Spain. 
Six Brits have been arrested after a man was stabbed during a bar fight in Torrenueva.
The number of new infections, and the number of daily deaths from coronavirus in Spain have both dropped dramatically.
The Government is seeking a final one month extension to the state of alarm in Spain.
On Monday the Malaga region will enter phase one of the lockdown lifting process.
The government has confirmed that the travel ban will remain in place beyond the end of the state of alarm.
The Costa Del Sol is expecting four days of rain and thunderstorms.
In the last 24 hours the 8 Andalucian provinces have registered 6 deaths from coronavirus.
Spain has recorded the lowest daily number of deaths since the 18th March.
Spain’s national weather agency have issued a yellow alert for Tuesday.
Spain’s Parliament has voted to approve the fourth extension to the state of alarm.
Yesterday 185 new deaths from coronavirus were registered in Spain.
Andalucia is asking parliament for approval to reopen the beaches on the 25th May.
Some small businesses on the Costa Del Sol begin to re-open as lockdown restrictions are eased.
Anne Hernandez explains the new regulations and clarifies when adults are permitted to leave the house for exercise. 
The number of new daily infections reported and daily deaths caused by COVID-19 has risen again.
The government in Spain has unveiled it’s plan to lift the lockdown, whilst stressing that none of the dates are set in stone.
Asmara the Sumatran tiger has passed away in Fuengirola, she was the 3rd oldest tiger in Europe.
The President of Andalucia has announced his plan to bring the region back to life after lockdown, including reopening bars and restaurants in May.
The Costa Del Sol will be hit by thunderstorms this weekend as a Yellow Weather Warning is put in place.
Parliament has passed the decree extending lockdown to the 9th May.
Following strong criticism of yesterday’s proposal the government have altered the decree.
Minister confirms that lockdown restrictions for under 14s will be relaxed from Monday the 27th April in Spain.
On Sunday evening an earthquake was felt in Fuengirola on the Costa Del Sol.
The number of new infections jumped dramatically to 6599 on Wednesday then fell to 4289 yesterday.
The coast is braced for a battering this weekend as weather forecasters predict storms.
The San Bernabe Feria in June has been cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Medical experts are hoping that the drop in new infections is pointing towards recovery.
The number of daily new coronavirus cases has fallen below 4000 as Spain loosens it’s lockdown restrictions.
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has confirmed that he is going to propose a continuation of the lockdown until the 10th May.
Guardia Civil officers have criticised some media outlets for sharing false images and videos of traffic jams.
There is disappointment today as the downward trend has been bucked by new infection figures.
Spain’s finance minister expects a gradual return to normality after the 26th April.
A local teenager is vowing to continue running every single day for a year to raise money for charity.
There is optimism in Spain after figures show the daily rate of new coronavirus infections in Spain continues to fall.
The Prime Minister has announced that the government will ask congress to add another two weeks to the state of emergency period.
The Interior Minister confirmed that the Spanish government is considering extending the lockdown until the 26th April.
Coronavirus claimed almost 1000 lives yesterday in Spain.
The number of confirmed cases in Spain has now passed 100,000 as the country remains locked down.
Councils are using powerful disinfectant on some Costa Del Sol streets which is hazardous to animals.
The Costa Del Sol is experiencing heavy rain and thunder storms.
Spanish government cancel daylight saving time and order all clocks to be turned back one hour.
Health officials are cautiously optimistic that Spain has experienced the worst of it’s coronavirus outbreak.
Prime Minister Sanchez is tightening up the restrictions on movement and employment during the lockdown period.
773 people die from coronavirus in one day, though new infections fall.
Spain now has 64,059 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.
Victims of domestic abuse are being encouraged to visit a pharmacy and use the code “mascarilla 19” to ask for help.
Parliament has voted to keep the current emergency measures in place until the 12th April.
The current number of deaths in Spain from coronavirus is now 3434.
The popular International People’s Feria which was due to take place at the end of April has been cancelled.
Spain has now closed all it’s land, air, and sea borders as efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus intensify.
Yesterday there were 391 coronavirus deaths in Spain, a 35% increase from the previous day.
Prime Minister Sanchez has announced his intention to extend the current lockdown in Spain by a further 15 days.
20,412 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed as the country reaches the end of it’s first week in lockdown.
Every hotel and campsite on the Costa Del Sol must be closed down by Thursday 26th March.
Spain’s national weather agency has issued a Yellow Alert for heavy rain.
Mijas council have set up an emergency hotline for non-Spanish speakers during the coronavirus crisis
Being locked down isn’t stopping these Costa Del Sol musicians from entertaining music lovers from their own homes.
Leaving home, going to work, passengers in vehicles, hefty fines. Bill Anderson explains the situation.
A 20 year old man has died after catching the coronavirus.
9428 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed as the country reaches the end of it’s second day in lockdown.
Mijas council have reminded dog owners that having a pet isn’t a license to ignore the rules.
Several arrests have already been made as local police grow frustrated with people ignoring the lockdown.
The Prime Minister has confirmed that the lockdown begins at 8am on Monday.
Cases of coronavirus continue to increase rapidly.  Spain is now the second worst affected European country after Italy.
The government has announced that Spain is now in lockdown and people may only travel for essential reasons from Monday at 8am.
Jet2 flights heading to Malaga airport have been turned around, as the operator cancels all flights and holidays to the Costa Del Sol.
As infection rates continue to rise rapidly, we’re hearing that 189 people have now recovered from coronavirus in Spain.
As efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus continue the regional government has closed all schools and universities.
Fuengirola is first major town on the Costa Del Sol to close libraries and sports centres, introducing a raft of measures to slow the spread of coronavirus.
The Saint Patrick’s Day event and a Brexit information talk in La Cala have been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak.
Figures today show a total of 72 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Andalucia.
A British man is in isolation with his wife at their home in Mijas.
An 87 year old man has died after contracting the coronavirus. He is the fifth victim in Spain.
A 17 year old girl has tested positive for COVID-19 in Malaga after returning from a school trip to Italy.
The first person in the region to be infected has now recovered and returned home.
Four new confirmed cases of the coronavirus bring the total in Andalucia to six.
Train services from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola will run until 3am during the summer months.
Doctors have confirmed the first case of the coronavirus in Andalucia at a hospital in Sevilla.
Police have raided an underground cigarette factory and arrested 30 people including a British man.
Windows will be rattling this week as six F18 fighter jets engage in drills and test flights.
A judge has authorised a second inquiry into the deaths of three family members at Club La Costa.
A deaf British father accused of blowing up 14 cash machines claims he won’t get a fair trial.
The Foreign Office in the UK is reminding all British people in Spain to carry their passports at all times.
The Costa Del Sol is placed on Yellow Alert for strong winds.
Tests have shown a patient who was put into isolation at Malaga hospital is suffering from influenza.
The British Consul has confirmed that British people can continue to live and work in Spain after Brexit.
See dramatic photos from last week’s flooding as the clear up operation begins.
See photos and video of flooding and hail in Andalucia, as the weather warning is upgraded to Amber.
Heavy rain and strong winds are likely to continue this week as the Costa Del Sol is placed on Yellow Alert.
We’re expecting a week of heavy rain and chilly temperatures.

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