Costa Del Sol Calima

Costa Del Sol Calima.  Find out about this weather phenomenon which turns our skies orange and covers everything in sand from the Sahara.

Costa Del Sol Calima

Photo by Faye Carrington.

Costa Del Sol Calima

The phenomenon known as “calima” is a haze caused by sand which has been blown from the Sahara desert.  Skies on the Costa Del Sol can turn orange, and sometimes bright red.  The calima can leave a sandy coating on buildings, cars, and footpaths.

Sand sandstorm dust dustcloud calima

Calima can cause a red haze. Photo by Olivia Longman.

Calima can also be a health hazard to people with respiratory problems and allergies.  It is known to cause symptoms such as coughing, nasal congestion, eye irritation, and headaches.

The impact of a calima is dramatically increased if it rains.  This causes a muddy silt to be deposited which can make driving conditions difficult and create problems for outdoor facilities including swimming pools.

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Article by Dave James.

Costa Del Sol Calima
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