Lockdown Rules Explained

Lockdown Rules Explained.  Leaving home, going to work, passengers in vehicles, hefty fines. Bill Anderson explains the situation.

Lockdown Rules Explained

Lockdown Rules Explained

Bill Anderson from Mijas Council has been speaking to 93.6 Global Radio about the rules now in place as Spain is in lockdown because of the coronavirus.  There has been some confusion amongst people on the Costa Del Sol, as the police urge every to stay at home.

Listen to the full interview with Bill Anderson here

Going To Work

There are some exceptions to the “stay at home” rule during the lockdown.  Bill says “it’s a very complex situation and we know there are some businesses which have been told they must close, like bars and restaurants.  The Royal decree says people are still allowed to go to work, though there is some vagueness about it.  If you’re working in a closed office or on the phone then yes you can go to work.  It gets complicated if you’re a builder or working on installations in people’s homes.  Are you allowed to go to work? In theory, yes you are”.

Carry Identification

If you’re going to work, Bill says there are things you need to have with you.  “If you’re autonomo, you should take your autonomo documents, the form 036 and your social security documents.  If you’re an employee, your boss should give you a certificate detailing your work for you to carry.”

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson is the only non-Spanish person on the Mijas council.

Other Reasons For Going Out

You can leave home to use the services that open.  Bill says “You need to go straight there and straight back.  You should’t be going to pharmacies that are on the other side of town, or a petrol station which is not close to your home”.

Driving With Passengers

Bill explains the general rule is that there can be only one person per car.  However, there are exceptions.  “On some occasions, you would need to demonstrate why there are more people in your car.  Fines are being issued if the explanation isn’t good enough”.

Fines For Breaking Lockdown Rules

“If it’s a very serious offence, it’s up to €600,000.” Bill explains.  “I don’t for a moment imagine these fines will be levied against individuals.  We are talking about fines of around €600 for most of us in the street”.

Published: 18.03.2020

Written by Dave James

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Lockdown Rules Explained

Lockdown Rules Explained

Lockdown Rules Explained
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