Ronda Gorge Walkway Opens

Ronda Gorge Walkway Opens.  A new walkway allowing views of El Tajo from the base of the gorge in Ronda is now open to the public.

Ronda Gorge Walkway Opens

Ronda Gorge Walkway Opens

A new walkway below Ronda’s historic El Tajo has been officially opened.  The attraction is the first phase of an extended walkway through the gorge.  This stretch is around 250 metres long and is expected to draw in tourists and locals who are keen to experience the views from the new walkway.

Known as Camino del Desfiladero del Tajo, the project is costing 1.6 million euros.  Tickets for the attracton cost €5, though residents of the municipality can visit for free.  The official opening on Thursday was attended by local dignitaries including the Junta’s minister of tourism Arturo Bernal, and the Mayor of Ronda.

El Tajo Ronda

The famous bridge was build in 1793

El Tajo Gorge

The deep gorge divides Ronda into two sections: the historic old town and the newer part of the city. El Tajo Gorge is formed by the Guadalevín River and is a spectacular natural feature, with cliffs that plunge over 100 meters (328 feet) down. It’s one of Ronda’s most famous landmarks and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The “Puente Nuevo” (New Bridge) is one of the most iconic landmarks in southern Spain. It spans the dramatic El Tajo Gorge, connecting the old Moorish town with the newer parts of the city. Despite its name, the bridge was actually completed in 1793! This impressive stone bridge offers breathtaking views of the gorge below and is a popular spot for tourists visiting Ronda.

Published: 12.04.2024

Written by Dave James.


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Ronda Gorge Walkway Opens
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