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Costa Shop & Drop, Supermarket Delivery Service.  Costa Shop & Drop was established in 2020 in order to bring the very best British branded food, drink and household products direct to your home.  Great prices delivered right to your door!

Costa Drop & Shop – Supermarket Delivery Service

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Costa Drop and Shop Supermarket Delivery Service

Costa Shop & Drop, Supermarket Delivery Service

In the midst of a global pandemic, we came to the realisation there was a huge demand for people to order the products they love from the UK and for them to be delivered directly to their home without the need to travel.

The idea of Costa Shop & Drop was born!

Download our Shopping Catalogue!

Costa Shop & Drop, Supermarket Delivery Service

Costa Shop & Drop, Supermarket Delivery Service

Costa Shop & Drop, Supermarket Delivery Service Catalogue

Our ethos is customer based and we strive towards meeting the needs of you, the customer! We endeavour to grow our business at your request! If there is a product we do not (yet) stock, then
please request it! We have worked hard with suppliers from all over Europe to ensure weekly deliveries of your favourite food, drink, and household, cleaning products and much more.

Same day ordering and delivery service – 7 days a week!

Welcome to our first edition Costa Shop and Drop catalogue, in the coming weeks and months we will continue to grow with further editions.

In future editions Costa Shop and Drop will have an extensive range of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat produce, additional chilled and frozen products, as well as an extensive range of vegetarian and gluten free products.

*If you have any specific requests please inform one of our team*

Visit the Costa Shop & Drop website here…


How to order?

Ordering has never been easier! Simply download our catalogue, or request for one to be delivered to your home or a local drop-off point (i.e bar, restaurant, hairdressers)

There are 3 simple ways to order:

  1. Call one of our dedicated service agents.
  2. Place your shopping list via WhatsApp message.
  3. Send an email to

Please quote the reference number from the catalogue. This can be found on the back of the catalogue.Once your order is placed you will receive a courtesy message or call from one of our customer agents confirming your order and notifying you of a delivery slot!


There are 3 ways to make a payment.

  1. Pay over the phone via card to one of our customer service agents when you place your order.
  2. Pay cash to our driver on delivery.
  3. Pay Via card machine to our driver on delivery.

* Our company complies and ensures all data protection when paying by card.

Order Now

T: +34 951 120 004 (Service Agents)
W: +34 652 238 298 (WhatsApp Group)

Terms & Returns Information

For more information on our terms and returns policies please go on to our website


Costa Drop & Shop
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