Caminito Del Rey

Caminito Del Rey

Caminito del Rey is a path built into the walls of the Gaitanes Gorge of Spain, in the province of Malaga on the Costa Del Sol.  It starts in the municipal district of Ardales, goes to Antequera and it ends in El Chorro (close to Álora).

Caminito del Rey is one of the most impressive and dangerous mountain trails in the world.

One of the most well-known sites of Caminito del Rey is the gateway to the Gaitanes Gorge. This overhang is clearly visible from the railway and it is a perfect spot to admire the great construction and the scenic landscapes around.

From the road that links Alora and El Chorro at the entrance of the Gaitanes Defile, you can see a small picturesque bridge linking the path that runs along both walls of the gorge. From the bridge there is a footpath installed in the vertical rock that ends at the railroad from Córdoba to Malaga.

Find out more about access, and the location, here.

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Andalucia is a wonderful place.  If all you’ve seen is the Costa, you might want to think about getting a little inland to see what this incredible part of the world has to offer.  If you can, explore the area.  It really is well worth it.

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Caminito Del Rey

Caminito Del Rey
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