Car Museum of Malaga

Museo Automovilistico De Malaga

The old Tobacco factory called Tabacalera dates from 1927.  Now it contains the Automobile Museum of Malaga, which has 85 vintage cars on exhibition in a space of 6000 square meters. They are displayed in thematic groups by the years they were produced. These groups are the Belle Epoque, The 20’s, Art Deco, La Dolce Vita, Dream Cars, Eccentricity, Popular Cars, English Tradition, Alternative Energies, and Tuning. Another collection called the Motor Gallery has the engine as a work of art. There is also a collection of 300 fashion hats from the past in the collection called From Balenciaga to Schiaparelli.

Costa Del Sol Classic Car Museum

The museum shows the cars as works of art. The car in the 20th century has been the symbol of aristocrats and artists have embellished cars with their ideas of beauty. There is a Unic from 1920 with the design of Sonia Delaunay. Another car is a Rolls Royce from 1966 that is called the Flower Power, because of its painted design reflecting the psychedelic art of that time. Another Rolls Royce from 1985 is called the Swarovsky because it is decorated with crystals from that company. There is an Excalibur USA, an extravagant car made famous by owners such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. There are cars that have historic value, such as a Mercedes 540K which was used by Heinrich Himmler. Another car is a Lancia Italia, used by Mussolini for parades. This museum really shows its cars as works of art.

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Car Museum of Malaga
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