Church of El Salvador, Nerja

The Church of El Salvador, Nerja was built in 1697 and later was made bigger in 1776. In 1792 there was another addition to the church, and the plans were revised by the famous Spanish architect of that time Ventura Rodriguez. This project was coordinated by the Maestro Antonio Ramos. The last restoration was in 1997. The facade is Baroque in style.

There are three naves, separated by pillars, the pillars being connected by rounded arches. The ceiling is Mudejar. On one side are two camarines (dressing rooms) that are in the Rococo style, from the end of the 18th century by the Granada school. Another mural was done by the contemporary artist from Velez-Malaga Francisco Hernandez Diaz, and this shows The Annunciation, done in 1990. There is also a bronze statue of Christ by the artist from Cordoba Aurelio Teno.

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Church of El Salvador, Nerja
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