El Torcal Natural Park, Antequera

El Torcal is a karstic or calcareous landscape, the most amazing in Europe. It occupies an area of about 20 square kilometers and includes the Sierra Pelada. There are towers, walls, spires, passages, and capriciously shaped rocks. They were formed by the water and the wind over a period of thousands of years. This area has been protected by the government since 1929. The area has many flowers that bloom in spring, as well as many eagles, vultures, owls and small birds.

The visitor center has much information about the rock formation, has a cafeteria and rest rooms. One can walk around a while to take photos of the rock formations, which are beautiful and very unusual. Some rocks look like someone has put one rock on top of another. This is a good place for hikers and people who love nature.

To go to El Torcal, do not take the road that goes through Villanueva de la Concepcion. This road has many curves and is a very difficult road. The best way to go to El Torcal is to go to Antequera first, to the street in the upper part of the town, called Cuesta Real. This brings one to the road to El Torcal. It is best to go early, maybe 9 am, to get a parking space by the visitor center, which is inside the park. Otherwise one has to leave his car at the entrance to the park where there is a large parking lot. If the parking lot by the visitor center is full, then one will have to take the bus to the visitor center.

El Torcal Natural Park, Antequera
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