Gallery Art Club Fuengirola

Gallery Art Club Fuengirola. View art by local and international artists, free admission.

Gallery Art Club Fuengirola

Gallery Art Club Fuengirola

Gallery Art Club has been established in Fuengirola since 2015.  A resource for artists and art lovers, the gallery gives local artists the opportunity to display and exhibit their work.

Artist Kicki Jensen

Art by Kicki Jensen.

Exhibiting a wide range of styles and genres, the gallery is open to the public at the following times:

  • Monday 11am – 2pm
  • Tuesday 5pm – 7pm
  • Wednesday 11am – 2pm
  • Thuesday 5pm – 7pm
  • Friday 11am – 2pm
Zamfir artist

The Bright Side by Zamfir

Find Gallery Art Club

Find Gallery Art Club Fuengirola here.

GAC Art Gallery, Calle Quemada 8–10, Fuengirola.

The street above Plaza Picasso, straight down from Policia local. Parking at the Ayuntamiento,Church Square or the Paseo. –

3D art by Klas Blomstrand

Keep up to date with Gallery Art Club on Facebook here.

Artist Magga Nancy

Art by Magga Nancy.

Gallery Art Club Fuengirola
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