Nerja Caves

The magnificent Nerja Caves – Cuevas de Nerja – are a series of huge caverns stretching for almost five kilometres and home to the world’s largest stalagmite, a 32 metre high column measuring 13 metres by 7 metres at its base.

There are three Galleries – Show Gallery, Upper Gallery and New Gallery – with each gallery containing a number of Halls.

The Upper Gallery and New Gallery contain many of the prehistoric cave paintings, but tourist access to these areas is limited to special groups.

During the period January to March 2014, visitors to the Nerja Caves can take advantage of a guided tour of the Caves at no extra cost. The tours, in Spanish, take place daily at 13:00  The Nerja Caves also offers a special experience for visitors, with groups of up to fifty people able to enjoy a guided tour of the caverns in the company of actor Miguel Joven, famous for his role as ‘Tito’ in the popular TV series Verano Azul.

These special visits will be daily at 14:00 and 18:30. As well as learning all about the caves and its early inhabitants, visitors will be treated to a series of anecdotes from Miguel Joven relating to the filming of one of the episodes of Verano Azul which took place inside the caves.

Find the Nerja Caves.

Leave Nerja on the old N-340 coastal road in the direction of Maro. You will pass the Nerja Club Hotel (on your right), Capistrano Village (on your left), Fuente del Baden (on your left) and the old Sugar Factory (worth a visit, despite being derelict) and arrive at a roundabout.

Follow the sign to Maro. On your left you will see the old, picturesque Eagle Aquaduct, still in use and scheduled for renovation, before arriving at another roundabout. Take the final exit and about 100 metres up the hill is the entrance to the Nerja Caves.


Nerja Caves

Nerja Caves

Nerja Caves

Nerja Caves
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