Zoo De Castellar

The Castellar Zoo, an animal rescue center on the Costa Del Sol, is a private initiative started since 1998, which officially opened in 2002 in order to aid animals which were seized by the authorities.

These animals were the victims of the black market, and have been mistreated and uncared for. The purpose of the rescue center is to provide to these animals with better living conditions by the best carers. Several years after its commencement, the center opened its doors to the public for their enjoyment, but also to increase awareness. Gradually, with economic support, the Castellar Zoo is improving its facilities and installations for the public and animals.

The center offers a second chance for the animals, and to the public an entirely different zoo, where visitors may feed the animals and interact directly with them.  The zoo is located at Castellar De La Frontera.

For tickets and prices, please visit http://www.zoodecastellar.es/english/

Zoo De Castellar
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