Antequera In The Moonlight

Antequera In The Moonlight – an opportunity to explore the cultural delights of the area

Antequera In The Moonlight

Antequera In The Moonlight

Antequera In The Moonlight

A tour of the stately houses, the archaeological complex of the dolmens (a Unesco World Heritage Site candidate), an itinerary connecting the Churches of San Juan de Dios, San Agustín, Santo Domingo, San Francisco, San Pedro and Trinidad, dinner at El Torcal and a 360º viewpoint are some of the highlights of ‘Antequera Luz de Luna’


Activities include hiking tours of El Torcal, astronomical observations, ‘Your Story in Antequera’, ‘Andalusian Palates’ – a dinner and sensory show at the Royal Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor – and ‘Touring Antequera’, a dramatised guided tour of the historic district at sunset.

Some of the activities, like the visit to the dolmens, are free. The prices of the others range from €1 (360º viewpoint) to €50 (‘Andalusian Palates’).

Antequera In The Moonlight
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