Fun Fuengirola Fundraiser

Event: Fun Fuengirola Fundraiser For Robin
Venue: Churchills’s Fun Pub
Date: 09/09/23
Entry: Free

Robin Samuel is just 19 months old, he has a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. His gran who lives in Mijas is campaigning to raise funds to pay for life saving treatment.  Churchill’s Fun Pub in Fuengirola are holding a fundraiser on the 9th September from 4pm.  There’ll be a raffle, quiz, party games, free buffet, and karaoke later in the evening.

Robin Samuel

Robin needs lifesaving treatment which will cost €300,000

Young Robin Samuel needs life saving treatment for MYCN Neuroblastoma.  Without treatment his chance of surviving to adulthood is just 5%, but with this treatment his chances increase to 85%.  This brave boy has already been through 6 months of intensive chemotherapy, stem-cell therapy, and a 9 hour-long operation.

The treatment which Robin needs costs a staggering €300,000 and is only available in Barcelona or the USA.  Almost €100,000 has already been raised through crowdfunding.  Please click here if you would like to help.


Fun Fuengirola Fundraiser
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