Who Should You Bet on For Christmas Number One This Year?

Who Should You Bet on For Christmas Number One This Year? We take a look at the leading contenders for the coveted Christmas number one spot in 2020.

Mariah Carey Christmas

Who Should You Bet on For Christmas Number One This Year?

Who Should You Bet on For Christmas Number One This Year?

Aside from staking over whether there will be snow on the ground on Christmas Day, people love a flutter on the Christmas number one. This is seen as one of the most important times of the year in the UK Singles Chart, and it is the dream of every artist worth their salt to earn the crown for the most purchased song of the holidays. For people thinking of betting on the market this year, here are some of the main contenders for the coveted Christmas number one.

Mariah Carey

One of the most popular and successful Christmas songs ever made is Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas, but it may surprise some people to hear that the track never made it to Christmas number one. When it was released in 1994, it was beaten by East 17’s classic yuletide offering, Stay Another Day. But now Carey’s followers want to right some past wrongs and get the song to Christmas number one this year. Indeed, it may be worth putting some money on this coming to fruition, as the latest Christmas number 1 odds have the American singer at 2.5 to top the pile.

Liam Gallagher


Liam Gallagher is considered to be in the running for Christmas number one and can be backed at around 9.0 at the time of writing. Gallagher co-wrote the track, All You’re Dreaming Of, alongside Simon Aldred. The charity song made a huge splash upon its release and was the week’s highest new entry after 48 hours. The former Oasis frontman has never had an entry higher than 21 in the UK Singles Chart.

Robbie Williams

Liam’s long-time rival, Robbie Williams, is looking to come out on top in the race for Christmas number one, and can also be found at odds of 9.0 in the betting markets. The cheeky superstar has released Can’t Stop Christmas as his entry into the 2020 race, but doesn’t have much faith that it’ll make it to the top. He was even quoted as saying that it would be a miracle if his song was named Christmas number one.

Matt Lucas

Comedian Matt Lucas isn’t renowned for his singing abilities and is best-known for having co-written and starred in Little Britain. He did have some success with his recent charity song, Thank You Baked Potato, though. He has now decided to give the hit single a festive twist and rereleased it as Merry Christmas, Baked Potato. The 46-year-old may be a bit of an outsider in the Christmas number one betting, but there have been bigger shocks over the years.

The Christmas number one spot has been held by LadBaby for the past two years, and other musicians will be desperate to knock the internet celebrity off his perch. Perhaps this will be the year where we will see someone else take the crown. It’s hard to say which single will come out on top this year, but there will doubtlessly be a lot of money spent staking on the event.

Who Should You Bet on For Christmas Number One This Year?
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