Armed Police Arrest Man For La Cala Stabbing

Armed Police Arrest Man For La Cala Stabbing.  A young man has been arrested by armed police following a stabbing and gun related incident in La Cala De Mijas.

Armed Police Arrest Man For La Cala Stabbing

Armed Police Arrest Man For La Cala Stabbing

Guardia Civil officers have arrested an 18 year old Moroccan man at an apartment in La Cala De Mijas, following a stabbing earlier today.  The man threatened police with a gun, but was eventually talked into surrendering himself.

Shots Fired

The incident began just after 11am this morning, when the 18 year old Moroccan stabbed a man in front of a bar on Calle Ronda.  It has now been revealed that the injured man is the step father of the perpetrator.  Immediately after the stabbing, the 18 year old fled to a nearby apartment and barricaded himself inside.  He then threatened police with a gun, and some witnesses say shots were fired.  After a brief stand off, he gave himself up and has been taken into custody.

Published: 03.07.2020

Written by Dave James

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Armed Police Arrest Man For La Cala Stabbing
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