Brits Arrested In Bar Fight On Costa Del Sol

Brits Arrested In Bar Fight On Costa Del Sol.  Six Brits have been arrested after a man was stabbed during a bar fight in Torrenueva.

Brits Arrested In Bar Fight On Costa Del Sol

Brits Arrested In Bar Fight On Costa Del Sol

Six British men have been arrested after a fight broke out at a popular bar in Torrenueva, near La Cala De Mijas, at 11pm on Monday. During the fight one man was stabbed, he is now being treated at the Hospital Costa Del Sol following emergency surgery.

Witnesses have described how ten to twelve people were involved in the fight, as tables and chairs at the bar were smashed.  Some of the men were able to escape from the scene as police arrived and began making arrests.


Outstanding Arrest Warrant

All six of the arrested men are aged 25 to 40, and are described as being drunk and under the influence of drugs.  One of the men had an outstanding warrant for drugs related crimes in the UK, he has been transferred to a court in Madrid.

Published: 20.05.2020

Written by Dave James

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Brits Arrested In Bar Fight On Costa Del Sol
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