Costa Del Sol On High Terror Alert

Costa Del Sol On High Terror Alert – the threat level has been raised to 4

Costa Del Sol On High Terror Alert

The Costa Del Sol has been placed on high alert for a terrorist attack, at level 4.   A source says that there have been fears of “an imminent attack for weeks”.  An insider with the Guardia Civil has said that police controls are at their highest level for a year.  The National Police will be operating the highest number of patrols and checks on the 5th and 6th of January as the Costa Del Sol is celebrating the Three Kings festival.


The alert level was previously at level 4 in August last year when ISIS directly threatened Spain.

Suspicious Package In Puerto Banus

The roads surrounding the Playas del Duque near Puerto Banus have been closed as the bomb squad investigate a suspicious package.  A black suitcase has been spotted left unattended (pictured below).  Sources indicate that a controlled explosion may be carried out.

Suspect package in Puerto Banus

Explosion in San Pedro

A man has been rushed to hospital after an explosion in San Pedro.  Police are currently investigating the blast, though it’s believed a gas canister was the cause of the explostion.

Threat Levels

Several factors are taken into account by the authorities when determining the threat level.  These include:

Available intelligence. It is rare that specific threat information is available and can be relied upon. More often, judgements about the threat will be based on a wide range of information, which is often fragmentary, including the level and nature of current terrorist activity, comparison with events in other countries and previous attacks. Intelligence is only ever likely to reveal part of the picture.

Terrorist capability.  An examination of what is known about the capabilities of the terrorists in question and the method they may use based on previous attacks or from intelligence. This would also analyse the potential scale of the attack.

Terrorist intentions.  Using intelligence and publicly available information to examine the overall aims of the terrorists and the ways they may achieve them including what sort of targets they would consider attacking.

Timescale.  The threat level expresses the likelihood of an attack in the near term. We know from past incidents that some attacks take years to plan, while others are put together more quickly. In the absence of specific intelligence, a judgement will need to be made about how close an attack might be to fruition. Threat levels do not have any set expiry date, but are regularly subject to review in order to ensure that they remain current.

Written by Dave James

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Costa Del Sol On High Terror Alert
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