Fire Crews Battling Blaze Near Mijas

Fire Crews Battling Blaze Near Mijas.  Emergency services are battling a forest fire which broke out earlier today in the Sierra De Mijas.

Fire Crews Battling Blaze Near Mijas

Fire Crews Battling Blaze Near Mijas

Helicopters, a plane, and specialist fire fighting teams are battling a blaze on the mountainside near to Mijas.  The fire broke out juat after 1pm today and has been spreading rapidly in the Sierra De Mijas.

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The blaze broke out near Mijas at around 1pm.

Infoca have despatched a plane along with three helicopters to fight the fire, there are also two fire tucks and four specialist ground based teams.  The fire is burning in the El Higueron area.  No casualties have been reported at this time.

Published: 15.07.2022

Written by Dave James

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Fire Crews Battling Blaze Near Mijas
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