Five Aircraft Used To Extinguish Mijas Fire

Five Aircraft Used To Extinguish Mijas Fire.  Three helicopters and two sea planes helped to extingish a fire near Mijas on Saturday evening.

Five Aircraft Used To Extinguish Mijas Fire

Five Aircraft Used To Extinguish Mijas Fire

Five groups of specialist fire fighters and five aircraft tackled a blaze on the mountainside close to Mijas on Saturday evening.  A Bell helicopter, two Puma helicopters, and two sea planes joined five crews working to extinguish the fire.  The fire broke out late in the afternoon, and was confirmed “under control” by Infoca at 9.20pm.  No casualties have been reported.

Fire Retardant Red Powder

This video taken by Elena Brennan shows a fire plane dropping red powder over the blaze.  This powder is called Phos-Chek, a fire retardant chemical which can help prevent fires spreading.  It’s coloured bright red to enable fire fighters to clearly see where it’s been used.

Infoca’s fire fighting budget has been increased substantially this year.  Click here to read more. 

Published: 23.04.2023

Written by Dave James

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Five Aircraft Used To Extinguish Mijas Fire
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