Free Train Travel From September In Spain

Free Train Travel From September In Spain.  Many short and medium distance train journeys in Spain will be free from September to the end of the year.

Free Train Travel From September In Spain

Free Train Travel From September In Spain

In a bid to encourage more people to use public transport instead of their cars Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced that many train journeys will be free in the last quarter of this year.  The free train tickets will be for journeys in cities in towns, and some medium distance routes.  This will include the line from Malaga to Seville and from Algeciras to Antequerra.

The free travel scheme is designed to encourage economic recovery following the pandemic, and provide an alerternative to private vehicles as fuel prices hit record highs.  Train operater Refre is estimating that four million train journeys on the Costa Del Sol will be paid for by the government scheme, with the Fuengirola to Malaga route expected to be the most popular.

Published: 14.07.2022

Written by Dave James

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Free Train Travel From September In Spain
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