Laguna Village Will Be Rebuilt

Laguna Village Will Be Rebuilt.  Mayor promises fast response to rebuild Costa Del Sol complex destroyed by fire at the weekend.

Laguna Village Will Be Rebuilt

Laguna Village Will Be Rebuilt

The Mayor of Estepona has visited the burned out shell of Laguna Village on the Costa Del Sol, and promised to act quickly to rebuild the complex.  Jose Maria Garcia Urbano said that the council will “expedite and facilitate it’s reconstruction”.

Puroeach Fire

Laguna Village and Purobeach were destroyed on Saturday.

Wildfire Spread Rapidly

The upmarket complex of shops, restaurants, bars, and the Purobeach club was completely destroyed by fire on Saturday afternoon.  A wildfire broke out in shrubland to the north of the area, and quickly spread to the Laguna Village complex.

Laguna Village On Fire

The fire began in shrubland to the north of Laguna Village.

The thatched roof of the complex caught fire quickly.  Social media users shared dramatic photos of the blaze ripping through the buildings.

Laguna Village Estepona

Laguna Village pictured before it’s destruction.

Fireman Treated For Minor Injuries

The nearby Kempinsky Hotel suffered some damage in the fire, as 40 guests were safely evacuated.  40 houses were also evacuated as the fire destroyed 42 hectares of land.  Miraculously no serious injuries were reported, though one fireman has been treated for minor injuries at the scene.

Laguna Village Fire Mayor Visit

The mayor has visited the ruins of Laguna Village.

The Mayor of Estepona has thanked emergency services for their fast response to the devastating fire.  “I want to show my support to the employers and workers affected by the fire that has affected the Laguna Village commercial centre.  I also want to thank all the staff and professionals who worked to quickly extinguish this fire.”

Laguna Village Fire Inside

Nothing remains of the interior of Laguna Village.

Published: 31.08.2020

Written by Dave James

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Laguna Village Will Be Rebuilt

Laguna Village Will Be Rebuilt

Laguna Village Will Be Rebuilt
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