Local Forest Fires Under Control

Local Forest Fires Under Control.  Fire fighters have brought blazes which broke out in Benahavis, Estepona, Cartama, and Mijas yesterday under control.

Local Forest Fires Under Control

Local Forest Fires Under Control

Four forest broke out at almost the same time yestersay in the Mijas area, Benahavis, Cartama, and Estepona.  All have now been declared “under control” by Infoca, as specialist teams are working to fully extinguish the fires.

Residents of the Vitania urbanisation near La Cala De Mijas were evacuated as the latest forest fire threatened their homes.  There were 6 aircraft along with 90 fire fighters on the ground battling this latest blaze which broke out at 3.30pm on Tuesday.  The AP-7 motorway was closed in both directions between KM 200 and KM 213 because smoke made visibility poor on the carriageway.  The road is now open again.

Estepona Fire July 2022

300 people were evacuated from this industrial estate.

In Estepona the fire caused the evacuation of around 300 people from buildings in the José Martín Méndez industial estate.    Four cars were destroyed in the fire though no injuries have been reported.  Evacuees were able to return at around 10pm last night.

Published: 27.07.2022

Written by Dave James

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Local Forest Fires Under Control
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