New Face Mask Rules In Andalucia

New Face Mask Rules In Andalucia.  The new law comes into effect on Wednesday and will require face masks to be worn in all public places.

New Face Mask Rules In Andalucia

New Face Mask Rules In Andalucia

The new law requiring face masks to be worn in all public placed comes into effect on Wednesday.  Police will be able to hand out €100 on the spot fines to anyone not complying with the rule.   Everyone over the age of 6 must wear a mask, unless a doctor has provided an exemption certificate.

Masks Must Be Worn On The Beach

Masks must be worn both indoors and outside, even where social distancing is possible.  This includes beaches.  However, when sat on the beach with people from your own household it won’t be necessary to wear a mask.  Swimmers do not need to wear a mask in the ocean.

Swimming Pools and Sports

The rules at swimming pools are very similar to beaches.  Masks must be worn when walking around, but when seated with other members of the same household it isn’t required.

People playing sports do not have to wear a mask whilst engaged in the sporting activity.

Corona Face Mask Beach

Beach users will now have to wear a face mask.

Bars And Restaurants

Bars and restaurants will continue to operate at the current levels of capacity.  Masks do not need to be worn by customers who are eating, drinking, or smoking.  Members of staff must wear a mask at all times.


Motorists who are alone in the car, or who are driving with people from the same household do not need to wear masks.  However, if there are passengers who do not live together then everyone in the vehicle must wear a mask.

Published: 14.07.2020

Written by Dave James

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New Face Mask Rules In Andalucia

New Face Mask Rules In Andalucia

New Face Mask Rules In Andalucia
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