Ocean Platform Runs Aground At Benalmadena

Ocean Platform Runs Aground At Benalmadena – the manufacturing platform was being towed to Malaga when it broke free from the tugboat during a storm

Ocean Platform Runs Aground At Benalmadena

A large platform used for manufacturing at sea has run aground off the coast at Benalmadena today.  It was being towed from Bilbao to Malaga when storms detached it from the tugboat.  The platform drifted for a while, before running aground close to the Sunset Beach Hotel at Benalmadena.

Ocean Platform Benalmadena

Photo by Harriet Williams

The platform is over 20 metres high and 43 metres long, and has caused concern amongst people who have seen it drifting.  The Mayor of Benalmadena has been reassuring people that it does not pose any danger to the population.  The platform doesn’t carry fuel for propulsion, and only has a small amount on board for the crew to use.  At the time of this incident the platform was unmanned.  Guardia Civil are now guarding the site.

Ocean Platform Benalmadena 2

Written by Dave James

Published: 28.04.2017

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Ocean Platform Runs Aground At Benalmadena
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