Penguin Rescued In Palos De La Frontera

Penguin Rescued In Palos De La Frontera.  Animal welfare experts have saved a penguin which became stranded on a beach near Huelva.

Penguin Rescued In Palos De La Frontera

Penguin Rescued In Palos De La Frontera

Penguins are an unusual sight in southern Spain.  Emergency services were surprised to be called to the beach at Palos De La Frontera near Huelva on Tuesday, to rescue a stranded penguin.  The penguin is from the charadriiformes family, and usually lives in the north Atlantic.  The rescued penguin has been transferred to a specialist care centre where it’s being treated for malnutrition and dehydration.

Penguin Huelva

Picture from Palos de la Frontera town hall.

The charadriiformes penguin has an average height of between 38cm and 41cm with a wingspan of 70cm.  They are very similar in appearance to the common penguin, with black and white colourings

Published: 27.04.2023

Written by Dave James

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Penguin Rescued In Palos De La Frontera
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