Police Raid IPTV Supplier

Police Raid IPTV Supplier – the National Police have raided a Calahonda store which was supplying IPTV to expats on the Costa Del Sol

Police Raid IPTV Supplier

The National Police have raided the Y-Internet store in Calahonda, Mijas who were allegedly supplying IPTV services which are illegal in Spain.  Police said that the ISP business was operated by two men in Britain, who could monitor the store and its staff with cameras.   When the shop was raided they tried to remotely delete documents containing information about clients and payments, but police were able to recover this.

Premier League

The raid came about after a complaint filed by the Premier League, whose programmes were being streamed illegally.  An investigator working for a digital security firm with the Premier League visited the Y-Internet store where he was shown the equipment used to watch the streaming content.


The Premier League’s Director of Legal Services Kevin Plumb says “The raids conducted by the Spanish authorities are a positive example of law enforcement taking piracy and IP infringement seriously”.

It is believed that Y-Internet’s other services have not been affected by this action.

Written by Dave James

Published: 17.02.2017

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Police Raid IPTV Supplier
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