See Blue Supermoon Tonight On The Costa Del Sol

See Blue Supermoon Tonight On The Costa Del Sol.  Tonight a “blue supermoon” can be seen from the Costa Del Sol, this phenomenon won’t happen again until 2037.

See Blue Supermoon Tonight On The Costa Del Sol

See Blue Supermoon Tonight On The Costa Del Sol

The moon tonight will be especially bright over the Costa Del Sol.  Once in a blue moon (!) the phenomenon known as a “blue supermoon” happens.  This is when the moon is at the closest point to earth in it’s orbit.

Despite being called a blue supermoon, the moon won’t actually look blue.  Blue actually refers to the frequency of supermoons, tonight will be the second supermoon of August earning it the title “blue”.  Whilst a supermoon can be seen from the Costa Del Sol roughly every two years, the next blue supermoon (two supermoons in one month) won’t be seen until until January 2037.


Supermoon seen from La Cala at the beginning of August.

See The Blue Supermoon Tonight

The blue supermoon will be visible from about 9.30pm this evening (Wednesday 10th August). The moon will be closest and brightest at 3.36am on Thursday morning.  It should be clearly visible with the naked eye as cloud coverage will be minimal.

Published: 30.08.2023

Written by Dave James

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See Blue Supermoon Tonight On The Costa Del Sol
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