Tivoli World Accident

Tivoli World Accident – 12 people have been injured at a Costa Del Sol Theme Park

Tivoli World Accident

The Tivoli World accident happened  yesterday, when the Torre de Caida Libre ride failed.  The ride climbs slowly to the top of a tower, then drops the passengers suddenly.  Witnesses describe how the ride appeared to be in freefall, hurtling towards the ground, before emergency brakes brought it to a halt.

Tivoli World Tower

Tivoli World Tower

Mechanical Failure

The accident report has not yet been completed, but it is believed that a problem with the upper anchorage on the ride caused a loss of mechanical grip at the top of the ascent.


Twelve people were injured in the Tivoli World accident, with five being treated for whiplash.  Others were treated for cuts and bruises, and shock.  None of the injuries are thought to be serious, though the guests were taken to a local medical centre in ambulances and Tivoli World cars.

Park Open

Tivoli World remains open today, though the Torre de Caida Libre ride will remain closed until the investigation is complete.

Witness Accounts

Vaughan Bonnell said “my wife, 2 daughters, and myself were on that ill-fated ride…  such was the impact that most if not all the people on the ride experienced trauma to their thighs as a result of their body mass being hurled against the restraining device. All 4 of us can now hardly walk!”

Brian Toye said “We where waiting to go on when the accident happened , people where taken to the hospital in 3 ambulances and trivoli cars as well. We new things where serious because everyone was lying on the ground receiving medical attention and water.”

Christine Jackson said “There was a lot of panic and confusion but the staff were very attentive and reacted quickly to the incident.  They were very kind to my two little girls who were frightened by what they had seen.”

Written by Dave James 

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Tivoli World Accident
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