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Join Dave every weekday afternoon between 2pm and 6pm for the biggest hits from today along with classics from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Dave is a huge Formula 1 fan and a confirmed Trekky, so he’ll be the first to bring you all the news and gossip about Lewis Hamilton or Captain Kirk.

Looking for something to do?  If anything’s happening on the Costa del Sol, Dave will know about it!  Events, gigs, parties or general get-togethers, Dave will let you know.

With the latest local and international news, quirky stories from here and around the world and live Costa del Sol weather updates, Dave is your only choice for the best music and chat every afternoon.

Would you like Dave to DJ at your event or function?  Visit his website here.

Programme Features

2.30:  The Half-Two Hard One.
Dave’s daily teaser to get you thinking.  No prizes, just a whole bunch of kudos and shout-out.

5.00: Guess the Year.
Memorable moments and 4 songs from mystery year.  Again, no prizes (but we are working on it), just a verbal wink from Dave.

Email Dave for the competitions, a shout-out or a song request – dave.james@global.fm, or call the studio on 952 494 355.

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