British Men Arrested After Fight With Police

British Men Arrested After Fight With Police

British Men Arrested After Fight With Police – two British men have been arrested following a fight with National Police offices at Malaga Airport

British Men Arrested After Fight With Police

Two British men in their early 40s have been arrested after a fight with National Police officers at Malaga Airport.  The two men were queuing for passport checks before joining a flight to the UK with their families.

Passport Control

One of the men was unable to find the documents needed, and was asked to step aside.  Witnesses then say he became aggressive, and shouted abuse at a police officer including calling him a racist.  He then forced his way through border control before being stopped by another police man.


The Fight

The second man was involved in an argument with another policeman.  He had been filming the incident and then refused to hand over his phone.  The men were threatened with arrest, at which point one of them punched a police officer in the face.  As he fell, he grabbed the attackers legs.  His colleague rushed to help and was violently kicked in the face.  The British men were then overpowered and handcuffed.


Both police officers were treated in hospital for cuts and bruises.  The British men have been charged, and were not able to join their flight to the UK.

Written by Dave James

Published: 12.05.2017

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British Men Arrested After Fight With Police
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