British Woman Attacked In Fuengirola By Serial Sex Offender

British Woman Attacked In Fuengirola By Serial Sex Offender – the young woman was attacked by a man who had been hiding on the back seat of her car

British Woman Attacked In Fuengirola By Serial Sex Offender

Police in Fuengirola are hunting for a sex attacker who has struck at least three times in the last month.  One of his victims was a British woman in her 20s, who was attacked in her car.  The man had been hiding on the back seat, and put a screwdriver to her neck when she reached for the ignition.  He then told her she would not be the first he had killed if she didn’t follow his instructions.


After the attack, the man fled the scene in a white van.  He is described as 5’7″, with tanned skin and short brown hair.  His build is athletic, and he may have a tattoo on one arm.  The attack took place at 4am last Thursday on Calle Meastra Angeles Azpiazu which is close to the port in Fuengirola.

 Calle Maestra Ángeles Azpiazu

Calle Maestra Ángeles Azpiazu

Similar Attacks

Police have linked this attack to two other attacks in Fuengirola, connecting the suspect through his use of a screwdriver and a white van.  In the same area a Spanish woman was followed into a lift and threatened, though the man was scared off before he could assault her.

Last Sunday at 7am a Spanish woman was walking home when a man threatened her but he was scared off by her friends nearby.  He left the scene in a white van.

Published: 10.07.2017

Written by Dave James


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British Woman Attacked In Fuengirola By Serial Sex Offender
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