Bull Fighting Is Returning To Cadiz

Bull Fighting Is Returning To Cadiz

Bull Fighting Is Returning To Cadiz – more than 2000 people have signed a petition to prevent the first bull fight in 12 years

Bull Fighting Is Returning To Cadiz

Protesters are petitioning the council to cancel the Corrida del Toros in Rota on May 7.  If the event goes ahead, it will be the first bull fight there for 12  years.


The bull fight is being organised as a charity fundraiser, supporting a local soup kitchen.  Matador Juan del Moral will fight six bulls in the planned event.



Julie Crowson is a teacher who has been living in Rota for 27 years.  She told newspaper The Olive Press that “It’s a very archaic practice which should have no place in the 21st century.  Some people may say it’s just ‘culture’ but I reject that. Bear baiting used to be popular in England, for example, but would we want that now?

“To torture a bull and let it slowly bleed to death for no other reason than entertainment is simply barbaric.  Surely there exist better ways to benefit a soup kitchen that don’t involve cruelty or death?”


Tony Downey is a painter and decorator living near Rota.  He believes that expats shouldn’t judge.  Tony told 93.6 Global Radio that “I find bull fighting abhorrent, however I don’t believe that as expats we have a right to get involved.  We are guests in this beautiful country, and as such shouldn’t judge or interfere with Spanish traditions and culture”.

Animal Cruelty

Political  party Si Se Puede Rota is supporting the protests, and seeking changes to local laws relating to animal cruelty.  They are advocating the banning of bull fighting and circuses which use animals.


You can express your own views and sign the petition here.

Written by Dave James

Published: 27.02.2017

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Bull Fighting Is Returning To Cadiz
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