El Chorro Climber Dies

El Chorro Climber Dies

El Chorro Climber Dies – a man has died after falling from the Arabian Staircase at El Chorro

El Chorro Climber Dies

A 60 year old man has died after falling during a climb at El Chorro.  He was from Alicante.  He fell 30 metres from the rock face known as the Arabian Staircase, which is close to the Caminito Del Rey.  It is not yet known exactly what happened, though rescue workers say that the man was climbing with a partner and both were well equipped.


Mountain Rescue

A rescue team were called to El Chorro.  Guardia Civil, fire fighters, paramedics, and climbers reached the scene on the 13th December where a local patrol had been carrying out CPR on the climber for 20 minutes.  After a further 50 minutes of resuscitation attempts the climber was declared dead.


The World’s Most Dangerous Walkway

El Chorro was once dubbed The World’s Most Dangerous Walkway.  Between 1999 and 2000 there were five deaths, after which the walkway was closed to the public.  The Caminito Del Rey was eventually refurbished and opened to the public again in 2005.

Written by Dave James

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El Chorro Climber Dies
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