Crowd Stampedes After Gun Shot Rumours Cause Panic In Malaga

Crowd Stampedes After Gun Shot Rumours Cause Panic In Malaga – the crowd celebrating Semana Santa stampeded following rumours of a shooting, leaving two people injured.

Crowd Stampedes After Gun Shot Rumours Cause Panic In Malaga

Yesterday morning two people were injured in Malaga as hundred of people spilled into Calle Carreteria and Tribuna de los Pobres.  The panic started as rumours of a gun shot and a vehicle heading towards the celebrating people spread through the crowd.  One hundred people took refuge in a local police station as emergency services tried to bring the situation under control.

Local resident Daniel Dominguez captured this dramatic footage of the crowd panicking, as musicians dropped their instruments and fled.


The incident was caused by some young people who began fighting.  The fight escalated and the false rumours of a shooting and vehicle threat spread through the crowd.  Eye witness Daniel Lopez told local newspaper Diario Sur: “At the start there was a fight between two or three youths, but in a matter of seconds more and more people joined in.  This created panic that extended so quickly, we have hardly been able to work out what happened.”

Rumours Cause Panic

Mario Cortes at Malaga Town Halll

Mario Cortes at Malaga Town Halll

The councillor for security at Malaga Town Hall urged people not to react to rumours, and instead to follow the directions of security services.  Mario Cortes said “We shouldn’t draw conclusions from what people say, but follow the reports of the security forces.  Because of the collective hysteria of the times we live in people jumped to the wrong conclusion.”

Written by Dave James

Published: 12.04.2017

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Crowd Stampedes After Gun Shot Rumours Cause Panic In Malaga
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