Dead Brit At Malaga Airport Had Slices Of Ham On His Buttocks

Malaga Aiport Exterior Shot

Dead Brit At Malaga Airport Had Slices Of Ham On His Buttocks and his genitals were wedged into a can of tuna

Dead Brit At Malaga Airport Had Slices Of Ham On His Buttocks

The mystery surrounding the death of 51 year old British man Steven Allman deepens as police have revealed further disturbing information.  Allman’s body was found on a bench between the train terminal and the main airport building in Malaga on Friday morning.

Slices Of Ham And A Can Of Tuna

Police have now revealed that the body was laying face down on the bench.  The arms and legs were bound to the bench with cable ties.  His trousers were around his ankles.  A slice of ham had been positioned on each buttock, and his genitals were wedged into an open can of tuna fish.  It has been suggested by a source that Steven Allman may have choked on his own vomit.

A Sick Joke

Spanish Police are now studying CCTV footage and examining clues found at the scene to determine how the man ended up in this position.  They also hope to determine if the food items were placed on the body before or after his death.  At the moment, they are considering the possibilities of a sexual assault, or that the items may have been positioned on the body by someone unrelated to the incident as some king of a sick joke.


Steven Allman’s body was identified from papers found on a trolley nearby with some bags.  These have been taken away for examination.  Police are trying to determine if Mr. Allman had been sleeping rough at the airport or had possibly missed a flight.

Written by Dave James 

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Dead Brit At Malaga Airport Had Slices Of Ham On His Buttocks
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