Explosion At Miramar Causes Panic

Explosion At Miramar Causes Panic

Explosion At Miramar Causes Panic – shoppers fled the Miramar shopping centre in Fuengirola fearing a terrorist attack was taking place

Explosion At Miramar Causes Panic

There were scenes of panic at the Miramar centre in Fuengirola this afternoon after an explosion was heard inside the building.  Shoppers fled the shopping centre as rumours gathered pace that a terrorist attack was taking place and that there were gunshots and an explosion heard inside.

A security team quickly tried to establish calm, revealing that the explosion was a chip fryer which had malfunctioned inside one of the first floor restaurants.


No one was injured in the incident and the centre remains open as normal.  Elena Harper is a British chemist who was shopping with her partner at the time.  She told 93.6 Global Radio “we didn’t hear the explosion but we were aware of people dashing for exits and a general sense of panic.  Of course we were worried for our safety, my husband and I left the building as quickly as possible.  We were told it was just a chip fryer that exploded but you can’t be too careful these days”.

Published: 13.07.2017

Written by Dave James

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Explosion At Miramar Causes Panic
Author: GlobalRadio