Gunman Opens Fire In Spanish Supermarket

Gunman Opens Fire In Spanish Supermarket

Gunman Opens Fire In Spanish Supermarket – reports suggest that the lone gunman fired six shots from a double barrelled shotgun in a Mercadonna  supermarket.

Gunman Opens Fire In Spanish Supermarket

A man has been arrested after an off duty hero policeman stepped in to defend shoppers at Mercadonna in As Lagoas in Northern Spain.  Carlos Perez was passing by the supermarket when he heard a disturbance.  Inside he found a man wielding a double barrelled sawn off shotgun, carry a bag of gunpowder and a bottle of petrol.

Hero off duty policeman Carlos Perez

Shots Fired

Witnesses say that gunman fired six shots inside the supermarket.  After this, he ate a banana and smoked a cigar before being overpowered by Carlos Perez and armed police who had arrived on the scene.  Shoppers say that the attack lasted for half an hour, during which time they hid behind counters and tables.  A witness said that she feared for her life as she could hear other shoppers crying, wondering if anyone had been killed.

Police are reporting that no one has been seriously injured in the attack, which took place on Wednesday at 2pm.

Inside Mercadonna where the shooting took place



Police say that they do not believe the shooting was politically motivated or had any religious motives.  A local man has told a reporter that he thinks the gunman is a neighbour with mental health problems.

The gun used in the Mercadonna attack

Written by Dave James

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Gunman Opens Fire In Spanish Supermarket
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