April Fool’s Day 2021

April Fool’s Day 2021 – did Clare catch you out with her Brexit Bank Holiday story?

Clare Lloyd

April Fool’s Day 2021

Did Clare catch you out on April Fool’s Day?  She concocted an almost believable news story about how Malaga Province would be introducing a special bank holiday to mark the anniversary of Brexit Day!  We had so much fun in the studio, and loved reading your reactions to Clare’s prank.

If you missed it… the news story is below, and click this video to hear our special “news bulletin” – complete with a frequently mispronounced local place name!  Special thanks to Mikey Faulkner and Jeremy Durrant for their voices.

Here is the news article we ran on April Fool’s Day: 

Brits Blast Brexit Bank Holiday

Brits Blast Brexit Bank Holiday

The provincial government in Malaga has confirmed the creation of a new local bank holiday, which will be added to the calendar in 2022.  “El Dia De Salida” will be celebrated on the 31st January every year, to mark the date when the UK was finally able to leave the EU.

The new bank holiday is being created to promote good relations with the few Brits who will be able to remain in Spain until the first anniversary of Brexit.  Rodrigo Retiro is the Minister For Creation Of New Bank Holidays in Malaga, he says “we wanted to find a way to show the Brits that they are still welcome here, and what better way to do it than with a day off work?  We know they don’t like working anyway, so this will be great for them.  The 31st January 2022 will be a popular local celebration”.

Brexit Facemask

If coronavirus restrictions remain in place when the Bank Holiday is celebrated next year, these commemorative face masks will be made available for a small fee.

Reminder Of How Stupid We Are

The creation of a new bank holiday has been met with scepticism by some in the British community.  Eric Barrington-Smith lives in Marbella and feels that the bank holiday is insulting.  “What’s to celebrate about Brexit? It’s an embarrassment. A bank holiday every year to remind us how stupid we are is not a celebration, it’s insulting.  I won’t be joining in. But I will enjoy spending the day off in the pub”.


The bank holiday is the brainchild of Gordon Jackson, president of the Benalmadena Brexit Party.

The idea for the Brexit Bank Holiday in Spain was originally the brainchild of Gordon Jackson, president of The Benalmadena Brexit Party.  He told 93.6 Global Radio “I’ve campaigned hard to make this a reality.  There were times when I didn’t think it would happen, but here we are.  We must never forget the day we broke free. A day off is the icing on the cake.  British cake, obviously, not that horrible dry Spanish cake.  I would like to thank both of my supporters for believing in me.  Viva Britannia.”

Written by Dave James.

Published: 01.04.2021


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April Fool’s Day 2021
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