Is Epic Marbella Healthy for the Costa del Sol?

Is Epic Marbella Healthy for the Costa del Sol?  We take a look at an exciting new property development near Marbella.

Is Epic Marbella Healthy for the Costa del Sol

Is Epic Marbella Healthy for the Costa del Sol?

With 76 luxury homes planned, almost three-quarters designed by Fendi Casa, it’s hard to argue with the name. It’s going to be pretty epic! Epic Marbella is a plan by developer Sierra Blanca Estates that looks to create the Costa del Sol’s first-ever branded real estate project.

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Properties will start at three bedrooms with 3,800 square feet up to five bedrooms with 9,200 square feet – find out more here – with valuations set to hit the $8 million mark. However, the Costa Del Sol is already famous for Marbella’s Golden Mile, so the question remains: “is it worth the investment?”

Let’s take a look and find out.

Property Valuations

It’s tempting to see the move as a commercial strategy to push out the locals and gentrify the area, opening it up to further investment. And, while it may be the case, there’s no doubt that homeowners in Costa del Sol stand to benefit from the project, too. Since 2008, the real estate market in Spain is 45% smaller, yet the valuations in Andalucía are 30% bigger thanks to overseas investors. Learn more by clicking here. As a result, anybody who owns property in Costa del Sol, whether it’s Marbella or farther afield, stands to increase their wealth by a considerable sum.


Modernizing The Costa Del Sol

At the start of the new millennium, Costa del Sol wasn’t as appealing as it is today. By all accounts, it was old and dilapidated and in need of repair. Fast-forward twenty years and the region accounts for 20% of all property purchases in Spain. However, modernization brings more than real estate – it offers jobs. The 6,000 m2 of landscape will create short-term opportunities for tradespeople, yet the planned spa, 24-hour security feature and clubhouse will continue to employ the citizens of Andalucía well into the future.

The Golden Mile

There’s no doubt that The Golden Mile is the main reason tourists from around the globe flock to the region. The Mile is also a safety net for people who are worried about the development. Costa del Sol, particularly Marbella, has bars, restaurants and property projects, as well as a casino. And, while casual-dining restaurants and bars have seen slight declines in recent years, casinos’ online counterparts have managed to keep the industry growing by offering an entry-point to casino games, as well as introductory bonuses and offers – you can click here for more information on those.  The hospitality and leisure industry is competitive and keeps the rate of new establishments steady.

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Losing Its Culture?

Of course, the locals will also be concerned about losing their customs and traditions to global real estate developers. It’s not as if most residents can afford the huge price tags, making it likely that rich foreigners will swoop in and turn Marbella into another Benidorm. After all, no number of jobs or money can make up for feeling uncomfortable in your home.

Epic Marbella brings plenty of positives that locals should be able to take advantage of. However, as always, the big debate is around whether the region is selling its soul for investment.

Is Epic Marbella Healthy for the Costa del Sol

Is Epic Marbella Healthy for the Costa del Sol

Is Epic Marbella Healthy for the Costa del Sol
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